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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

1) Doll head, painted wooden core, black shoulder length silk hair, topknot of white and pink crepe bound by hair strands. Hair is tied under top knot and alongside both cheek bones with double strands of white cord. Head is mounted on a 1.4" wooden peg which fits into neck cavity of body. 2) Doll body, a central wooden core with grooves into which brocade fabrics are pressed and glued. Kimono is red silk with floral patterns in gold, green, white, blue, purple, and yellow. Obi of black silk with floral patterns in orange, green, white, and gold. Obiage (sash above obi) of white crepe with red pattern. Outer obi ties of orange silk cord and metallic silver cord. Base and part of under kimono of pink silk with white floral (cherry?) blossoms. Another under kimono visible in sleeves of yellow silk. Right hand of molded plastic. (Left hand is missing.)
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