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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Female Doll on wood base Doll wears a moss green rayon knit suit consisting of a long sleeved jacket with scalloped V neck opening, darts in front and back and two covered buttons at front opening which has rounded corners at front bottom, and an A-line 6-gored knee length skirt. A pink damask dickey shows at the neckline. Pale pink 6-gored slip and panties gathered at the leg. The doll's head is molded paper mache covered with white silk and has painted dark brown eyebrows and eyes with white and blue accents, red painted mouth. The hair is made of rolled heavy dark brown cotton thread in a short style with a small pink ribbon bow on the left. The body is stuffed and the limbs made of wire wrapped with paper mache strips. The legs are covered with rayon hosiery fabric and the feet have painted black shoes. The doll's right arm is bent and its right leg is positioned behind the left leg. Doll is fastened to a rectangular base made of unpainted wood, 5.5 X 3.5 X .625". The doll leans unsteadily to one side and the clothing is slightly faded.
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