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Wing Luke Museum
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Painting - Artifacts

One box of six opaque Chinese paintings on pith, mounted behind glass: 1) Man in green robe with black and white trim, pink hat with black baud, and decoration in front. Holds sword in right hand pointing blade into mouth. 2) Seated man wearing blue robe with rose waist band, red and black hat with brim. Below him is smoking pot. 3) Man with mustache wearing blue robe, standing and pointing to red moon with kanji for moon written on it. 4) Dancing man wearing off-white knee pants and jacket-length blue robe. He bangs a gong. A mythical beast sends smoke up to a red sun with the character for sun written on it. 5) Man wearing green knee-length robe with red and white tie and blue kneepants. He wears a brimmed red and black hat. In right hand he holds a fan with rows of characters written on it. His left hand holds a large coin (square within a circle). 6) Man wearing off-white patterned jacket with red and white striped tie at waist. Wears green kneepants and holds an orange gourd in his left hand from which smoke comes out. Man's head is partly shaved.
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