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Wing Luke Museum
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Lantern - Artifacts

Blk painted wood carved candle lantern w/orange painted silk panels. 2 pieces The top (a) contains the silk panels & (b) is the base pedestal. The candle would sit on the base (b) & shine through the painted silk panels (a) (a) The candle lantern is eight sided w/4 sides measuring 3-1/2" (9 cm) & four measuring 1-3/4" (4-1/2 cm). The lantern's shape is defined by blk painted wood carved fretwork on the top, around the silk midsection, & around the base of this piece. The piece has an open top & bottom. There is orange silk behind most of the fretwork (there may have originally been silk behind all the fret work). The 4 largest panels ea. have a painting of a different bird in a tree branch. These panels are set inside an outer framework w/slender vertical columns. (b) The base pc. is comprised of 3 sections: 1. The flat top pc is constructed to hold (a). There is a small hole in the ctr of this section where the candle may rest 2. A carved spindle set into a base 3. The base consists of 2 layers of fretwork, the bottom of which flares out and sits on small feet. DAMAGE: Silk panels are coming unglued, torn & have black stains.Some of the woodwork has lighter stains, front fretwork of the crane panel is broken
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