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Set, flatware - Artifacts

Image Set, flatware
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Mans eating kit made of wood overlaid w/green colored shark-skin. The case is made up of a knife, 2 two-tined forks, 2 spoons, and 3 chopsticks. Case (a) is 11-3/4" long, 5-3/4" bottom circum, 6-5/8" top circum. Knife (b) is 9-1/4" long. The handle is made of bone & is 5" long. The blade is 4-3/8" long made of steel & is grooved. The top of the knife holds a brass template for the insertion of the other eating utensils. Each fork (c) & (d) is 9-5/8" long w/ blk painted wood handles 4-7/8" long w/a metal knob at the top. Ea. metal tine is 3-1/2" long. Connecting the tines are intersecting circles 2-1/2" up from the bottom. Each spoon (e) & (f) is 8" long w/ the same wood handle, L: 4-5/8" a metal knob is on the ends. The scoop section is made of metal. The three chopsticks (g), (h), & (i) are made of bone and are 9-7/8" long. One chopstick is missing from this set. The bottom of the case (j) has a brass cap 3" wide. A black cotton cord goes through eyelets up the length of the kit through another set of eyelet on a 1" brass top cap (k). This top cap can be used as a cup. The cotton cord can be tied onto the belt to suspend the personal eating kit.
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