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Wing Luke Museum
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Puppet, shadow - Artifacts

Shadow puppet of a man dressed in a long full sleeved top and long full pants. The costume is mostly black with some yellow and green. There is little carving on the costume. The puppet is made of leather. The face is shown in profile with the features cut-out. Black fringed bangs are seen under the headdress. The headdress is red, green, and yellow with ball shapes over the crown. There are two yellow streamers with green circles coming out of the top back. One edge of each streamers has a jagged edge. A central bamboo stick and rod is attached at the neck and supports the puppet There are two other bamboo and rod sticks that attach to the hands and allow the arms to move at the elbow and shoulders. The legs are jointed at the hip and knees and also move. The platform shoes are yellow and black.
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