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Box - Artifacts

Betel Box Set Round brass bowl (Diam: 10-3/4" (27-1/2 cm) H: 3-3/4" (9-1/2 cm)) w/4 betel containers. Bowl (a) has 1" (2-1/2 cm) base & cut out pattern near base & near rim. About 10 small holes in bottom of bowl probably due to corrosion. Bowl made to hold 4 containers & probably used in the home to serve guests.(b)Round betel container w/top & bottom. (Broken) hinge is held together by wire. Decorative design, circlular w/8-pt. star in middle, at top around sm nob-like handle. Incised lined pattern frieze. Corrosion on inside & 2 sm holes on top. (c) Similar to (a), but knob & design at top are larger. Fewer lines going up & down & spaced farther aprt. Corrosion on inside & 1 sm hole in bottom. Hinge held together by wire. (d)Similar in shape & size. Design at top has 7 circles & circles around the sm knob. Inside of top is corroded. Bottom: 4 sm & 1 lg hole. Hinge held together by wire. (e)Sim to c in shape & design. Design sim to (c) w/circles going round the ctr except w/6 circles. Knob missing. Inside top w/corrosion. Hing broken held together w/wire, doesn't fully open. Betel boxes usually come in sets of 4 to accommodate the 4 ingredients of the betel chew: areca nut (bunga), fresh peper leaves (buyo), lime powder (apug) & damp tobacco leaves. The People & Art of the Philippines by Father Gabriel Casal, & Jose, Regalado Trota Jr. Museum of Cultural History, University of CA, LA, 1981. b-e H:3" (7-1/2 cm), D: 3-1/4 (8 cm), C: 11-1/2" (28 cm)
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