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Fan - Artifacts

Image Fan
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Man's fan case of red silk satin w/appliqued lotus flower. There are three lotus blossoms w/trailing vines connecting them vertically. Both sides of fan are exactly the same. The bottom flowers are ivory w/purple tips & gold bud base. The middle lotus blossoms are pink w/ivory tips and gold bud base. The top blossoms are ivory w/blue tips, the bud base is purple. Each blossom is connected w/green vines and two-toned green leaves at the top of the fan case is a blue & ivory cloud-like figure (?) connected to the fan case is a gold woven handle 13-1/2" long. At each end of the handle are pink hand blown glass beads. Holding the beads in place are white, navy blue, and aqua colored threads. The base of the fan case and the inner lining at the opening are of royal blue silk satin. The fan is made up nine bamboo spines which are painted tan and lacquered. The paint has been chipped at the bottom ends, one side of the fan is of Chinese calligraphy characters. The other side is of painted mountains, trees, and calligraphy characters. At one end of the fan is a name and address written in ink (previous owner?): Mrs. H.A. Wilbur, 291 Marengo Ave., Pasadena, Calif.
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