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Wing Luke Museum
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Statue - Artifacts

18th/19th c. standing bronze Buddha. Lost wax cast in the round. Wears flower patterned uttarasanga covering. With three section pyramidal crown, and on a four section pedestal base. Buddha gilded overall and the base w/traces of red and black pigment. Arms are raised from the elbows, hands raised, palms outward in the abhaya mudra, or calming position. In the palms are small floral shaped objects. On the shoulders and above the ears are flamelike projections. Similar flame like patterns emanate from both sides of a sash dangling from the waist. The toes of the sandles on the feet are turned up. The chest is covered by an elaborate (cast) ornamentation suspended from a wide necklace. The figrue appears cast in 3 sections: finial, main body, ped- estal & lower legs & feet. DAMAGE: On the (true) left side of base there is a 7/8" gap at the bottom possibly caused by faulty casting. Where the bottom of the flaring robe meets the tops of the legs there is a gap which has been filled with wax. Some of this wax is spilled down the legs. The donors name is written in red, possibly with felt marker diagonally across the lower back of the figure.
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