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Wing Luke Museum
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Lute - Artifacts

Round wood guitar-like fretted instrument w/short neck, known as yueh chin. Body of instrument is round, of lt brown wood which shows wear from strumming action. 11 bamboo frets attached to front of instrument. Strings attached to bottom front by a half-circle shaped pc of dark polished wood (rosewood). The same dark polished wood forms the rim and carved neck. Neck is carved w/slight curve and a scroll top. There is an inscription of Chinese characters written on a thin piece of paper or leather that's glued to the top of the neck. Four lt wood pegs to which the strings are attached, for purpose of tightening (tuning) them. 2 of 4 strings missing. Back of body is painted w/4 red Chinese characters which are slightly smeared. Neck slightly unglued from body. Round front of instrument has a lengthwise crack which appears to have been filled for repair. The yueh chin is a colorful soprano instrument with clear, pure timbre, suitable for orchestras and accompaniment. It is used principally in Peking opera orchestras where a number of solos are arranged for it. "Seattle Chinese Post", Chin, Sue L., Seattle Chinese Post, Inc. May 14, 1983. p. 1.
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