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Wing Luke Museum
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Hat - Artifacts

Miniature gold military campaign hat to be worn for a doll representing high ranking samurai. It may be made of papier mache, painted in gold finish looking like a lacquerware outside, inside the hat is finished in cinnamon brown. Front, back and both sides of the brims curl upward. A raised circle is placed in front. Black floral petals with a gold centered boss with a ring at center is pierced to the hat at back. Decorative gold silk cord knotted in a bow with gold and ivory colored fringes at the ends is threaded through the ring of the boss. a silk square off-white crepe cushion is sewn to the two strapsmade of the same fabric as cushion so that the custion rests on top of a wearer's head. Straps are looped and tied together in a knot with a short stuffed strap on top of the hat. Ends of the short strap and the center of cushion is decorated by green silk thread. Brown finish inside is rubbed off but is in good condition.
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