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Battledore - Artifacts

Image Battledore
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Hagoita or battledore made of wood. Black flocked cloth handle, oshie (cloth covered paper design) on front, and two mon on back. The upper mon is a red stencil of two crossed scrolls which may represent a talisman. The lower mon is a green stencil of the cross section of a papaya. Oshie design on front is the bust of a young woman. She wears an elaborate headress. Main body of headdress is orange silk covered paper with a flower pattern. Crinkled gold foil covered paper section rises from center. Orange cloth in front is crisscrossed by purple rope. Framed on either side by silver foil flowers. Some with pink cloth centers, all with pearl-like bead centres. Head of figure raised from back of board by blocks of wood and styrofoam. Black silk hair wrapped over carved styrofoam. Face is painted silk on paper. Painted black hair around forehead. Gray brows, blue lids, brown eyes. Pink below eyes. Faint blush of pink over all of face. Brown lines delineate nose, ear, and part in lips. Lips dark orange. Red and white flocked cloth hair decoration protrudes from behind head. White rope with tassles at end appears to tie in bow around neck as if to hold headdress in place. White brocade with silver leaf pattern makes V-neck collar. Left side of kimono in bright orange silk brocade with gold designs and green, blue, and white flowers. All of cloth covered body is mounted on molded stryfoam. Except hand protroduing from left sleeve which is, like face, white painted silk over paper. Opening of sleeves are peach colored silk crepe (Chirimen) and edge of kimono is pink crepe. Navy blue silk brocade makes up her obi which shows over her right shoulder. Two cloth covered paper ovals interlaced with lavendar rope represent a small waisted drum which she holds before her. Outlined in black, yellow oval on right sided piece. Gold leaf design on left. Navy damask silk over paper between the two ovals. Black flocked cloth wrapped around handle painted silk background behind figure. Pastel gradation from blue to pink, then green.
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