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Wing Luke Museum
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Acupuncture Model - Artifacts

Model of male human body made of plastic, hollow, detachable legs, arms and stand. Painted with meridians and points of acupuncture in different colors (some have faded). A: Torso and head made of soft cream colored plastic. On both sides of torso running down the sides to the ankles and on stomach are short, red horizontal dashes. All points on left side of body are numbered. Blue paint suggests eyes were once colored. B: Right arm, slightly lifted C: Left arm, straight down, palm turned forward, red dashes down back of left arm. D: Right leg E: Left leg F: Base made of wood stained red and varnished. Between feet of model stand has a logo with a silhouette of a flexing man intersected diagonally by an accupuncture needle. It reads "Good Health Brand" beneath which are 3 Chinese characters. Six larger characters are beneath those. On the front of the stand is a long narrow silver metal plaque nailed at both ends, 9 Chinese characters. G: Metal pole holding body upright H: Lid of cardboard box which is blue and white with model drawn on cover, logo and some Chinese characters on the stand. On one side "Model of a Human Body" and at the end of the box it gives the article. I: Bottom of white cardboard box J: Booklet, 7.25" x 5", 35 pages with white cover, gold, black and green printing. First inside page has photograph of model. Page 2 has terminology and the numbered acupuncture points from the left side of figure. These numbers reach 360 and end on page 26. On the facing page are photographs of hand and ear models and identifying numbers for these.
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