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Yukata - Artifacts

Image Yukata
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Yukata (casual cotton kimono) Cotton yukata decorated with resist-dye method and indigo blue background. The design consists of large white fans scattered over the background with meandering water patterns joining the fans. The fans are decorated with seasonal floral designs dyed in indigo, lavender and olive green colors. Some have maple leaves, some have bamboo stalks and leaves, some have chry- santhemums, and others have a vine-like flower. The garment is constructed in traditional kimono style with the collar extending part way down the front, the straight sleeves attached around the shoulder but left open on the inner edge, the outer edge is slightly rounded; the side seams extend to just below the sleeve with a small opening under the arm. White cotton basting thread has been left on the sleeve edges. There is some spotting on the yukata. Yukata are worn during the summer months, especially after a bath or for relaxing, young women wear yukata for the summer festival, and some people where them as nightwear.
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