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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Doll with fan representing Yuya of Noh play A: Doll made by the kimekomi technique of palownia wood paste shaped and grooved, fabric is applied with glue and pressed into grooves, inserted head and hands. Long black fiber hair hangs down on either side and back is tied with gold colored string, parted in center; wears mask held by orange and gold brocade narrow band which circles top of head with bow cascading down back, mask which depicts young woman is gofun finish and has painted black hair lines parted in center, faint black eyebrows high on forehead, curved eyes: black irises with outline, partially open red mouth. Outer kimono is silk brocade with orange background with gold wave motif, floral pattern of plum, 7 autumn flowers, pine, bamboo on gold pine bark lonzenge shape background; undergarment showing at collar and sleeve is white with gold cloud design, under collar of white. Right arm extended holding folded fan in hand with gofun finish, left arm and hand held in front at waist; at front edge, hem and bottom made with orange kodai chirimen (wave textured crepe). Knees slightly bent in position to move forward slowly. Both white tabi feet close together show at front and bottom. B: Miniature paper folding fan, painted gold flake background (kinpaku) with green, brown and black knarled pine tree design, spokes of dark wood, H: 2.25", W: 3" open. Yuya is name of young, gentle, beautiful maident, highly educated and refined. She left her mother and lives with her lord, Munemori. One day she is told that her mother is ill, but she is not allowed to return home, but must go to the flower viewing with him. She cannot suppress the pain in her heart. She gives him such beautiful, moving poem and he permits her to return to her ailing mother. So this doll is a depiction of Yuya starting out to view flowers while dealing with the thought of her mother. Face wears the mask of a young maiden.
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