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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Oyster Shucking Figure on Platform (A) Seated female doll made of wood/straw covered with cloth. Head made of wood and covered with gofun, glass eyes, black features and red painted lips, black fiber hair with cut bangs; hair covered with scarf of black polka dots on white silk, black kimono with white window pane weave in bast fiber, sleeves have red crepe silk lining and are tied back with red band, obi is a red patterned white silk band with a black satin border tied in "bow" at back with white obi jime cord tied around middle; yellow apron with red, green and dark yellow plaid design extends over lap. Feet of gofun covered wood have white silk sandals with orange straps inserted between toes as if she were wearing tabi. Hands of gofun covered wood: right hand holds wood tool (possibly broken), left hand holds miniature oyster shell. She sits on block of wood attached by wooden peg to wood platform. (B) Wood flat bottom bowl with black lacquered finish around outside and red lacquered inside and 2 bands on outside, bottom unfinished. Resembles wood slat container. Dia.: 3.75", H: .75" (C) Wooden sign, tall narrow board with carved base and pointed roof detail, triangular standing support on back, clear lacquer finish with kanji printed in black on front and back: "Noted Hiroshima Oyster Shucking Girl". H: 4", D: .75" (D) Wooden block, rectangular shape with lacquer finish with kanji printed black on 4 sides (3 sides are the same: "Raw Oysters", 4th side: "Junidan-ya" (name of store). H: 1.75", W: .50" Card says this is the Oyster Girl of Hiroshima
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