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Wing Luke Museum
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Cup - Artifacts

Ceramic handleless cup White ceramic with clear glaze, red ring painted around ring shaped pedestal on bottom, painted on sides are three kokeshi dolls: first one at a 45 degree angle with round head, red outline, black eyebrows, eyes, nose and hair pieces, red dot mouth, 2 black dots and 1 red dot in middle on top of head (topknot), half sphere neck, hourglass shaped body tapers at bottom end, chevron designs of green, 2 red, single gold stripe, 2 red, 2 green, 2 red chevron bands around body; 2nd kokeshi doll is the largest, ovoid shape head, black painted hair outlined in red with topknot tied with red and white bow, red ball hair ornament extending from left side, black eyebrows, eyes, nose, red mouth, missile shaped body with pink kimono with yellow accents, green and white shibori obi, red panel hanging below with 2 gold arrow shaped designs below; 3rd kokeshi doll is smallest, round head outlined in red, painted black hat, eyes, nose, red mouth, red dots design on temples, oval shaped body, red kimono with white collar, black and gold kimono accents. Condition: two cracks along sides between first two figures
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