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Image Plaque
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3 Wood Plaques - Ema A: Wooden rectangle with a peaked top background is whitewashed. On the front is a painted dog with the tail curved over the back an image of Inu-Hariko (Inu-Hariko were invoked for easy births, and as a gift to shrines soon after a child's birth), black, white and blue head with pink, blue and black eyes, orange nostrels and horizontal mouth, brown wiskers, white and orange ears, white body with black spots on tail and one leg. Side of body is decorated with orange and blue floral designs on a balck and yellow bsckground outlined in orange. Blue bib with white designs outlined in orange tied in a bow a the back of the neck. White string is tied through a hole in the upper part of the plaque. On the back is written in English "Ema (picture dedicated to shrine), one which Inu (horse) is drawn". White sticker with the number 12 applied to the back. B: Rectangular peaked top piece of wood painted horse in front appears to be galloping with its head down. White and black body, grey and black mane and tail, grey black and red ears. Blue eye, and muzzle. Green bridle, red reins, blue hooves, red and pink saddle with a white striped design, yellow blanket and a large green tie around middle. White string tied through a hole in the top of the plaque, gold string through the white string. . Written in English on the back - "Ema with horse" Has white sticker with the number 163. C: Rectangular wood board white washed background with Daruma painted on front. Red body with gold designs on either side of face and gold stripes on lower front. white face with black markings on forehead nad cheeks. Brown, gold, red and black eyes. Large greyand red nose. Red down - turned mouth. White string tied through a hole in the top of the plaque. On the back written in English - "Ema with Daruma".white sticker with the number 23 on back. Daruma - named for the patriarch of Zen Buddhism this image is invoked to Fullfill wishes and as a lesson in perseverance, as the leggless daruma keeps bouncing back up after it is knocked down.
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