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Medicinal tea cake - Artifacts

Image Medicinal tea cake
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1997.43.14A (Tea cake); 1997.43.14D( prescription, L: 6.5", W:5.51") A tea cake wrapped with paper(prescription). The tea cake is flaking apart and is powdering. The color of tea is dark brown. The wrapped paper is yellowed, and there is a main tear (1.97") in the middle. There are also some tears on the sides. The paper is thin and is with many wrinkles, and is fragile. The red print on the paper is blurred and faded now. The print deition is 1914. The print states the name of the tea cake and the brand, the location of the drug store, the satement of its patent, and the functions and usage of the tea cake. Fumction: for fever, over-drink, stomach illness, climatic illness, etc.. The tea cake is a healthy medicine. Usage: slight illness-- decocting2-3 tea cakes. serious illness--decocting 4-5 tea cakes. external wounds: after chewing tea cakes, appling them on the wounded areas. tuberculosis: decocting 20 tea cakes with 2 gian bambpp shavings. 1997.43.14B A thin, yellowed paper with faded red prints wrapped a round tea cake. There are several small holes on the paper, which results some tea powder is leaking out. 1997.43.14C The same object as 14A&D, and 14B.
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