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Pills - Artifacts

Image Pills
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One red jar, three wrapped jars and five envelopes of brown pills A: Cardboard jar, H: 1.625", Dia: 1.625", short round container has cardboard sides wrapped with shiny red paper. The bottom is crimped metal and the lid is metal and fits over the top part of the jar. The jar is full of small brown balls. B - D: Jars similar to A that are wrapped with pink paper which have a brown label with black printing and Chinese characters. E - I: 4.25 X 2.5", Five small rectangular sealed envelopes with same label as B- D only printed in red. Stamped above the label in red "Boy Gee Herb Co., 224 1/2 Washington St., Portland, Ore." these packages contain patent medicine to strengthen the brain, blood and stomach.
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