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Herbal Tea Mix - Artifacts

Image Herbal Tea Mix
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Cardboard box containing one package of Chinese herbs A: Sealed package of herbs made of brown paper forming rectangular envelope 5.25 X 3", on the back of the envelope is red printed border and printing in English "Medicinal herb made of Chinese medicines: Viz- soo - ip 40%, Olives 3%, Sang - chung 30%, prepared by Chap Lan Tong, Hong Kong and Canton China." On top of the red printed border is paper label in English, "Lam Chon Char with ingredients and instructions for use." Used to sooth dry membranes of the throat." On the back of the package is red printed border around Chinese characters which have been covered over with black ink. 'China" printed at the top. B: Cardboard box covered with red printed white paper in a design of crosses, octagons and hexagons. The top has the same paper label as the package and one end has the label with the English of Ingredients and company name. The other end of the box has red label which has been crossed out in black ink. There are four Chinese characters printed in purple on the bottom of the box. The front of the lid has a red paper loop holding a white bone tab which inserts into another red loop on the front of the box. There is a red printed paper stamp and black seal to left of the closure.
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