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Game, Card - Artifacts

Image Game, Card
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One box of playing cards and one empty card box A: Cardboard box printed with orange pattern and illustration of two elephants on the front and back. Black and white Chinese characters and in English above the elephants " Trade Mark". On one side of the box in English " Sole Agent Guan Huat Co., Made in Hong Kong". Inside there are approximately 80 oblong cards some of which are duplicates. Each has black or red dots at both ends and in the middle is an illustration: 2 elephants, Plum Blossom, 2 women readjg, lion, mountain scene, rooster, farmer, deer, rooster with cherry blossoms, diver and swimmer, dog, hen, oval shape medalion and rectangular shaped medallion, and the back of the cards are red. B: Empty card box which is white and has wine colored front with white Chinese characters. SH 27D
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