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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Aneko (big sister) style Japanese cornhusk doll Tall slender doll is padded with cotton or polyester batting and the head and clothes are made of dried corn husks (yellowish white color). The face has no features and the hair is folded and tied into a traditional style. The corn husk clothing consists of a crossed undercollar and the kimono top is made of a corn husk that is folded on one edge to create a crossed collar with the side pieces folded down to represent sleeves. Another cornhusk is wrapped in columnar form for the bottom of the kimono. The obi is made of a corn husk wrapped around the middle over the join between the top and bottom of the kimono; another husk is tied to the back to form the obi bow and two smaller pieces form the obi age and the obi jime which holds the obi together. The doll is attached to a 2" square block of wood. The front hair pieces have shrunk slightly revealing the white batting beneath.
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