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Wing Luke Museum
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Kimono - Artifacts

Young Woman's Formal Kimono Black silk crepe with yuzen -zome dyed motif extending from the hem half way up from both fronts and inside each front. Motif consists of large images of out of scale they include folding fans, stylized pine branches, bamboo leaves, plum blossoms, treasure wagon, folk house, and large white cranes. Colors include green gray, pink, yellow, peach, rust, and gray -blue. There are some gold painted accents and the cranes have red and white embroidery. The collar is wide and the upper half is reinforced. Around the neck it has been folded in half and tacked to the inner collar. A plastic and cloth stiffener is inserted between the collar layers. Sleeves are long with square corners and whole kimono lined with white habutai silk. There is a cloth label stamped in red ink "Made in Japan" hanging from one thread at the neck. Black dye on the front of the kimono shows signs of fading.
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