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Kimono (Nagajuban) - Artifacts

Pink silk under Kimono (Nagajuban) The body of the robe is made of light pink silk damask with an woven-in design of spots imitating shibori dying and a wave -like motif. The robe is long and straight with tuck at the waist line, long sleeves which have been shortened with basting. The narrow straight collar has a white eri detachable collar basted around the top section. It is embroidered with white flowers and gold accents. There is a plastic stiffener inside. Two white cotton ties are stitched to the bottom of the collar area to hold the robe in place.There is also piece of white cloth stitched to the upper back which acts as a tie. The Kimono has perspiration stains next to sleeves and upper back turning the silk yellow. This robe is worn underneath a kimono with the collar exposed.
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