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Wing Luke Museum
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Coat - Artifacts

Silk damask, wrap satin, calf-length garment with a front overlap closing to the right and fastened with 5 loop closures (no buttons or togles present). Hand stitched 3" border embroidered with satin stitch, couching the brown ground fabric. It has stylized clouds, flowers, and eternal knots as pattern. Wide sleeves (16.5") with blue cuffs turned back 4 7/8" and 10" side vents. decorated with a 3" white satin border that is covered with various embroidery (flowers) and a squirrel in brown and gold couching; 4 pointed yolk; back of sleeve cuff and 5" of front (21" in all) covered with gold and black couching, elephant, flowers, and other symbols (possibly the musical stone and sword). This garment is in poor condition, much of the embroidery on the border is gone and the silk is disintegrating; the gold couching on the sleeve cuffs is however in very good condition. source: "Decoding Dragons" by John E. Vollmer
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