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Backpack - Artifacts

Army green canvas backpack. It is a standard issue Combat Field Pack. At the top is a waterproof throat, which is covered by green plastic on the outside. Printed instructions are sewn on the inside. The throat is rolled down and in over one's rations, clothing, mess kit and toilet articles. Then a top flap is folded over and buckled. The pack has two shoulder straps, and is also able to attach to a cartridge belt. On the back is a place for an Intrenching tool and on one side is a place for a bayonet and there are pockets on each side. There is a faint "U.S." printed on the front of the pack and on the back of the top flap are some faint numbers, both printed and written. The pack number on the instructions is: "M - 1945, Stock Number 74-P-12-287"
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