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Statue - Artifacts

Image Statue
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Two Tied coin statues with painted wood features. Both statues are standing with arms in front of their bodies holding a lotus. The bodies are made of Thai coins, each with a hole in the center. The coins are tied together, overlapping. They protrude from the back of the head to form a headdress, and from the center of the body to the front and back, and form a front skirt and leggings on the sides. The faces are carved wood, painted red with gold highlights and black painted eyebrows, eyes and lips. There is some white paint on the eyes and mouth and, with blue paint, on the top of the headdress. There is a separate triangle of painted wood above each face and headdress. The hands and feet are also carved wood, painted red with blue, white and black highlights. Each stands on a wooden stand that is a flat pyramid, carved on the sides and painted black with white and red features. A: The right ear is a little damaged and there are pencil markings on the bottom of the stand and a C in pencil. B: Has an additional coin looped tail on the back. On the bottom of the stand is a D in marker.
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