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Box, Jewelry - Artifacts

Image Box, Jewelry
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Jewelry box made like a miniature furniture chest. The case of the chest is made of wood stained a reddish brown with a lacquered finish. It has a series of compartments also made with lacquered wood. Cloud shaped metal fittings adorn the corners of the case and the front. There are also u -shaped metal handles on the drawers, front lid and side. there is a drop lid on the front which has a metal fastener to hold it in place. Inside this upper section are two lacquered wood drawers lined with red corduroy. Each drawer has a tear drop shaped handle. Below this is a single drawer with a U - shaped handle. On the top of the case made of metal is a circle with a Chinese character in the center. On the back are written in gold a few Korean characters and the date "1969.11.15". The case stands on a carved wooden base with metal fittings on the front corners. Black polished stone was found inside in section under bottom drawer.
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