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Tape, Magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, Magnetic
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Reel to Reel audio Tape Side1 A. Pi Pa Ji( The Epic of Pipa) by Wen Chian Sui and Li Bao Yin a..Xi Bie( Reluctant to Part) 11'55" b.Si Jia(Homesick) 11' 45" c.Mai Fa(Selling Hair)11'5" d.Ye Hui(Meeting at Night) 12'5" B. Zhuang Yuan Lang ji Yu He(The Top Scholar Praying to the Milky Way) by Wen Chian Sui 21' Chen Lin Diao Kou Zhu(Chen Lin Mourning for Kou Zhu) by Wen Chian Sui 13'45" Side 2 A.Qing Die Lian Zhen Hua(Passionate Butterfly Fell in Love with the Faithful Flower) by Zhong Li Rong and Ri Kuang 20' 35" B. Bei San souo Su Qing(Telling the Story at Bei San Suo) by Zhong Li Rong and Ri Kuang 19' 30" C. Feng Liu Tian Zi (Dissolute Emperor) by Xin Ma Shi Zeng and Cui Miao Zhi 31'
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