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Tape, Magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, Magnetic
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Reel to Reel audio Tape The First Performance together by the Famous Cantonese Opera Singers from Canton and Hong Kong(recorded in 1984) Side 1 A.Hua Tian Cuo Hui( The Mistake Made in the Flower Field) by Wen Chian Sui, Liang Shao Xin 20'55" B.Liu Xiang Lian and Jia Bao Yu by Chen Xiao Han , Wen Chian Sui 20'55" Side 2 Liu Yi Delivering the Mail by Wen Chian Sui, , Liang Shao Xin a.Song Bie(A Sending Off) 20' b.Dong Fang(The Bridal Chamber) 13'45"
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