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Tape, Magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, Magnetic
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Reel to Reel audio Tape Folk Music and Songs Side 1 Ye Diao Bai Fu Rong(The Night Mourning of Bai Fu Rong) by Zhong Yun Shan 23' Ying Hua Lei(Tears of the Cherry Blossom) by Zhong Yun shan and Chu Ting 19' Shan Bo Lin Zhong(The Dying Shan Bo) by Wen Chian Sui 16' Side 2 Du Juan Hong(The Red Rhododendron), by Tan Jia Bao13' Li Xiang Jun by Li Bao Ying 14'30" Jing Po Jiannan Jin Fen Meng(The Shattered Dream of Good Life in Jiangnan) by Deng Bi Yun 13' Mei Hua Zang Er qiao(Burying the Chao Sisters Under the Plum Tree) by Lu Li Jun 15' The Love Songs of Cha Mountain(music) On the Grassland(music, incomplete)
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