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Tape, Magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, Magnetic
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Reel to Reel audio Tape Feng Xing Strereo Solo Album by Wen Chian Sui Side 1 a.Li Yuan Qiu Yuan( The Autumn Resntment of the Lonely Male Mandarin Duck) 18'30" b.Qi Liang Jie Mei Bei( The Stone Tablet of the Desolate Sisters)16'4" c.Bao Qin Hui Lei Diao Xiang Hun( Holding the Qin in Tears to Mourn the Beauty) 11" Side 2 a.Duan Chang Bei(The Stone Tablet o Broken Heart)9'28" b. Qing Tian Xue Lei( The Bloody Tears of Lo ve)12'10" c.Ye Ji Bai Fu Rong( Night Mourning for Bai Fu Rong)10' d.Shan Sheng Miao Tan Yue(Sighing at the Moon in the Temple of the Mountain God ) 10'6"
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