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Tape, magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, magnetic
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The Four Beauties Side 1 a.Xi Shi by Xian Jian-Li and Jiang Ping 29'23" b.Diao Chan by Cui Miao-Zhi and Jiang Fong 30'23" c.Wang Zhao Jun by Liang Su-Qin and Zhong Yun -Shan 27" Side 2 Yang Gui Fei by Bai Yang and Zhu Ding -He 26'20" All Music a. Meng Jing( The Dream Land) b. Qi Shan Feng( The Phenix of Qi Shan) c. Han Gong Qiu Yue(The Autumn Moon over the Han Palace) d. Ji Sheng Cao(Parasitic Plant) e. Er Ma Yao Ling( The Hungry Horse Ringing the Bell) f. Meeting the Bright Pearl at Night
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