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Tape, magnetic - Artifacts

Image Tape, magnetic
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MON I Chen Hou Zhu Ye Diao Shuang Fei(The Last Emperor of Chen Dynasty holding A Memorial Ceremony for Two of His Concubines at Night) (Xin Yun Opera); by Xin Ma Shi-Zeng as the last Emperor of Chen Dynasty, Cui Miao-Zhias Chang Li-Hua, ChenJin-Tang as Yang Guang of Sui Dynasty, Zheng Guo-Bao as Imperial Concubine Kong, Zheng Yun-Fei as Chang Yung, Xiao Gan Luo as Yu-Wen Chen-Du, and Xin Ma Bin-Rong as General Chen MON II Ling Zhi Ji (The Story of Ganoderma) by Zhong Yun-Shan and Cui Miao-Zhi
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