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Shawl - Artifacts

Image Shawl
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Seller's Description: Lowland Lao: red silk center, white overshot, with "W" figures. Also abstract birds depicted, fringe on one end. Very fine silk thread embroidery on silk backing. A Pu-Tai people segment of ceremonial shawl. A red lac dyed silk with supplemental weft. The minimally fringed end has a simple strip with 2 lines of embroidery separated by the red silk. The next 2 segments are mirror images of birds. The 4th segment with white overshot patterning of one large diamond of repeating borders. The 5th and 6th segments are mirror images of double-headed water serpents. There are four double-headed serpents and two single-headed serpents. The colors prevalent in the shawl are navy blue, turquoise, gold, pink, and white used throughout the scheme of the shawl.
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