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Wing Luke Museum
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Shawl - Artifacts

Black and red overshot center panel, gold shot thread on silk. Fringe, multi-colored on one end. Some stains and holes in center of red panel. Adapted from a sash? A deep red (lac dyed) handspun silk ceremonial shawl with supplemental weft patterns at each end. One end has a 5" strip of embroidery with the dominant color white, but some purple, black, and yellow. A solid piece of lac dyed silk is hand sewn to the other embroidered end. This end has dense patterning of symmetrical diamonds decreasing in size to a colored diamond of red, yellow, and black. On either side of this section is a strip of black embroidery with a bird pattern. The edge has a braided colored fringe of black, red, yellow, and white that are 23cm in length. This shawl is worn in a banner-like way across the body with the fringe hanging in front. It is more than 100 years old.
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