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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Priest (Komuzo) hatless, playing flute (shakuhachi). A: Standing hollow pottery doll with arms raised and shakuhachi at his lips. Very short black hair, gray hairline, dark tan face and hands, black raised eyebrows, brown pupils, black upper lid, closed mouth painted red, reddish cheeks. Plain off-white kosode with a purple Buddhist cape (Kualo). A black money box (Gibako donation box) hangs from his neck, resting in front of stomach, grey strap, two white kanji characters (means light and dark). On feet are tan zori sandals with black soles, off-white tabi socks. Short sword wrapped in cloth (gold on red background) tucked into obi strap, purple tassels hang from sword bag. On back tucked into the obi, is a blue bag with three dots motif in gold with gold top. Shakuhachi is painted in greyish beige, center band and one hole is painted black. Two bamboo?prongs, extend from bottom. On the bottom are two labels "Sato Doll Company, Hakata, Japan", black label in shape of plum blossom "Made in Japan, S. Washable Patent". B: Pottery hat, H: 2.625", Diam: 2.625", painted light green, four rows of holes in front where the priest looks through, texture of woven rattan (basketry hat)
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