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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll--Hotei (Buddhist Priest) A: Painted pottery figure standing with feet apart with right bent arm to hold sack on his back, left arm slightly bent to hold fan. Deep tanned complexion, bald head with black fringe of hair around back, side burns, black feathery whiskers and moustache, black raised eyebrows, black eye outline, smiling eyes: black pupils, yellow irises, partially opened mouth with pink lips and white upper front teeth showing, large swollen ear lobes with feathery black hair, no neck. Feathery hair on bare chest, large stomach, chest, around navel and back of hands. Holds a dark brown walking stick in front with a ivory colored sack looped over knob on stick, tied with a purple cord. Left hand is formed with hole to hold a war fan, bare feet with light toenails. Clothing consists of a black robe with gold cloud designs in negative and positive style, hem and sleeve opening has a band of reddish brown with a black vine design. Under the black robe is a light blue garment with white wave design showing an upper back, front and back and front sleeve openings. Garment is tied around the hips with a white belt tied in a bow. One hole in the bottom. B: Fan, L: 3.25", W: 1.75", painted gold with dark brown accents, central handle, white tassel at top, plain black back, metal spike to insert into left hand, white silk cord is tied through a hole in the handle of the fan.
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