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Figurine - Artifacts

Kutani Porcelain Ch'ilin (mythical animal) Figurine of a porcelain prancing animal, with horse body, ox hoof, dragon head, deer horns, scales on chest, spiny back, shi-shi lion dog tail. Body is a dark brownish purple (eggpant) color, bluish green hair: mane, tail, back knee joints, moustache, beard and eyebrows swept upward with some curls, yellow deer horns, yellow reptilian horizontally creased chest, white and black eyes, white teeth, dark red tongue and lips. On both sides of the body are two light brown flames, split yellow hooves. On the bottom of the 3 hooves are unglazed, raised hoof is painted yellow. On stomach is a gold label in English "Trademark, Made in Japan, Genuine Kotani", in Japanese "Kotani", trademark of manufacturer
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