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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Fisherman mending net Painted pottery figure sitting with right leg bent on ground and left knee bent and raised, left elbow propped on knee, right arm held out in front holding net shuttle. Dark complexion, wrinkled forehead, black and white short hair, beard and eyebrows, brown eyes, rose colored lips, pink nails. Wears a light grey headscarf with a red, white and black carp swimming above blue waves and white spray, tied on head. Clothing consists of a charcoal grey hanten jacket with kanji characters written in blue and white on the shoulders sides and back; bare chest; red breechcloth; bare legs. In the right hand the figure holds a painted yellow pottery net shuttle and to the end of this is tied a white cotton string which to tied at the other end to a scrap of light green cotton net. On bottom is an S shaped sticker "Sato Hakata Doll Co., Hakata, Japan" and a plum blossom shaped sticker "Made in Japan, Washable, Patent".
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