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Figurine - Artifacts

Image Figurine
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Carved wood; Commercial decorative art Small wooden carved figures; (palanquin) man in sedan chair carried by 4 bearers. Sedan chair is detailed with carving and black and red paint/red painted tassels at each corner. Bearers carry the chair suspended on 2 long poles which run through holes in each bearer's hands and through the sedan chair. One pole has been pushed to the rear. A thread with a 2" piece of stick is tied to the pole between the last 2 bearers. The bearers each wear a pointed hat with a red painted tassel, a hip length jacket with the center fastenings painted black, and a long ankle length garment with shoes or slippers underneath. Good detail work. Broken: right hand of first bearer, right hand of third bearer (still around pole) Spilt: left hand/arm of third bearer, pole behind last bearer on left side
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