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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

A tall Kokeshi doll with a long narrow body made of wood. The face on the doll is simple. It is hand-painted in black hair, with bangs and hair on each side of the face. The top of the head has a red painted many-petaled flower. Five more petals are on each side of the hair. There is no painting on the back of the head. The head is attached to the cylinder as opposed to being one piece of wood. The top of the cylinder has three bands of red separated by the natural wood color. These bands are narrow in width. Going down the front of the doll are five many-petaled red flowers. Between the flowers are two sets of green leaves. At the bottom are three more bands of red separated by natural wood. The body has water damage on the front, having made the paint run. The high lacquered finish is gone from the top, and the paint is wearing thin. There is an unknown inscription on the bottom. The basic Kokeshi doll form is a cylinder body with a sphere-shaped head with no detailing of arms and legs. There is a lacquered finish.
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