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Wing Luke Museum
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Dress - Artifacts

Pink and red checked sheer pina cloth sleeveless dress. The dress is a casual daytime dress measuring 39.5" (100.5 cm) from the shoulder to the hem. The underhem measures 29.5" (75 cm). The dress has a straight bodice and three ruffles at the bottom. The top two ruffles are 6.5" (16.5 cm) wide, and the bottom one is 7" (18 cm) wide. The collar is divided into two pieces laying on the front and back of the dress and laced together at the shoulder with black velvet ribbon. There is black faggoting all around the collar 1" from the edge. There is also black faggoting around the three ruffles 1" from the edge. The bottom two ruffles are attached to the body of the dress with faggoting. The dress is in good condition. It is soiled around the arm holes. There is a 1" tear near the proper right side seam where the top ruffle attaches. There is a small hole near the middle of the bodice where the top ruffle attaches, and a small hole in the ruffle just down from the other hole. On the bottom edge of the second ruffle near the middle is another small hole. There is an approximately 1" hole on the proper left side on the top ruffle near the side seam.
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