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Wing Luke Museum
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Shawl - Artifacts

One silk textile of shawl length, with multi-colored geometrical designs on one end. The main part of the textile has 4 continous bands in pale green, hot pink, purple, and orange. The 2 outermost bands are 4.75" wide, the 2 inner ones 4.5" wide. At one end is a patterned border 14.5" wide, with alternating large and small stepped diamond motifs in the 4 main colors with magenta and pale blue. The 4 main colors continue through to form the warp (vertical or longitudinal threads) in the patterned border, producing a "shot" effect when interwoven with the weft (horizontal yarn). Hand-made on a simple loom. Donor's father collected a number of textiles while stationed in the Philippines as an Army officer c. 1900-1917.
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