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Wing Luke Museum
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Shawl - Artifacts

One textile-length of silk with multi-colored geometrical patterns and tassels. The main part of the shawl-like length has a continuous pattern of stepped diamond motifs in purple, pale yellow, white, magental, pale green, orange, hot pink, and blue. The stepped sides of the innermost diamonds radiate and increase in size towards the edges of the length, where the smallest diamonds begin again. At each end is a border, 11.5" wide, divided by thin stripes into 2 panels, the outer one repeating the stepped zig-zags of the main length, the inner panel made up of squares with similar stepped diamonds or sections of diamonds withing each square. The silk tassel, 12" long, is knotted for 2.25" of its length to form a lacy edging in stripes of magenta, purple, white, orange, green, and blue. The warp (vertical threads) is of red yarn which, when interwoven with the various colors of the weft, produces a beautiful "shot" effect to all but the orange areas. Hand-made, hand-knotted tassel. Weaving dates to c. 200 BC in the Philippines One 1/2" long tear near border; several stains, especially greenish and brown ones on some yellow and orange areas. Donor's father collected textiles while in the Phillipines before 1917.
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