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Wing Luke Museum
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Shawl - Artifacts

One textile length of silk, of shawl-like dimensions, with multi-colored geometrical designs. The main body of the garment is divided horiz. into 2 sections. One has 3 horiz. panels; the outer 2 are filled with a continuous pattern of stepped zig-zags in burgundy, green, and purple; the central one has stepped diamond-motifs in hot pink, blue, yellow, white, and orange. The 2nd and shorter section has an overall pattern of diagonal stripes with stepped contours in the same colors. At each end is a border, one 8" long and the other 9" long. Each border (running cross-wise to the shawl's length) is divided from the main body by 5 thin multi-colored stripes. At each end is also a fringe separate from the textile, i.e. it is made out of separately knotted fiber, here of cotton, which is the attached to the cloth. Fringe is made up of stripes of 1/4" to 1/2" width in orange, green, indigo, white, magenta, yellow, and blue. The warp is of red yarn, which when interwoven with the various colors of the weft yarn produces of beautiful "shot" effect to the vibrant hues. Weaving dates back to c. 200 BC in the Philippines.
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