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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Set of hand carved miniature figurines depicting Koreans in their native costumes. Bright enamel paints have been used to depict the costumes. Part Desciption ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (a) Female with red hat and blue and white outfit (b) Male with black hat, green shirt, brown vest, white pants, farm implement (c) Mother and child with green, pink, and blue outfit (on circular stand) (d) Standing woman with brown basket on head, yellow+pink outfit, blue shoes (e) Standing woman with mostly red, yellow, and striped sleeve outfit (f) Standing male with blue overcoat, lavender undercoat, and blue hat (g) Standing male figure with yellow hat and outfit, staff in hand (h) Standing male figure with white outfit, blue vest, and backpack (i) Standing female with green and red outfit, very wide striped sleeves (j) Standing male figure in white with blue vest (k) Standing male figure in yellow outfit with yellow hat (l) Standing male figure with black hat and blue gown with striped sleeves
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