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Wing Luke Museum
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Hat - Artifacts

A pill box shaped girls hat. The side of the hat is faced with red flannel on which are horizontal rows of embroidered and woven ribbon. The top of the hat is made of six truncated triangular embroidered sections and a central star-shaped embroidered section stitched together leaving openings between the sections. The central section is topped with 22 smoked silk petals on top of which are two flattened balls of fabric bound with thread topped by a simulated pearl bead. On each side of the hat are bows made of patterned woven tape, in the center of which are flowers made of smoked silk petals a center of flattened red fabric balls bound with green thread. From the bows hang two tassels on each side with blue bead tops metallic thread bindings. The tassels are silk thread, two tuquoise colored, on purple, and one rust red. At the bottom of the bows dangle one small brass bell on each side. On the front of the hat is an embroidered silk boss which includes four embroidered birds and is topped by a flower-like ornament made up of three smoked silk petals with a center of red fabric bound by green and gold thread.
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