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Picture, Woven - Artifacts

Image Picture, Woven
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A circular tray with a frame of bamboo and a tray surface of split bamboo in a chevron pattern. The miniature utensils are: 1. A wooden plow (metal tongue is glued on) with water buffalo yoke attached 2. A harrow with seven teeth 3. A section of bamboo -- the farmer's drinking water 4. An axe (with wooden _vice_ metal head) 5. A heavy hoe (metal blade) 6. A grass cutter (L-shaped with metal blade) 7. A metal-bladed digging tool 8. A six-tined wooden rake 9. A wooden replica of a saw 10. A sickle with curved metal black for rice harvesting 11. A rope making device showing cord wrapped around two posts and a cruciform twisting tool 12. A scoop-shaped winnowing basket of bamboo 13. A foot-powered rice pounder, showing how rice (in the wooden bowl) is hulled or powdered (for flour)
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